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Ticket Brokers Vs Concert Ticket Companies

Ticketmaster and Pearl Jam are in a ongoing battle over fees. However, many acts have established fan clubs that require members to sign up. Most of these fan clubs are managed by brokers, who have the greatest to gain and spend. This is the reason they go to the war. However, there’s a way to avoid all these issues. These are only three possibilities. Remember: You’re not limited to a single choice You can make use of many options to obtain fantastic tickets.


StubHub tickets are expensive It is therefore worth taking the risk of buying tickets for a sporting event or concert. With FanProtect, the company that sells concert tickets guarantees that the purchaser will receive tickets in time to attend the event. Sellers don’t have to pay a listing fee and are certain to receive payments promptly. The company also offers a money-back guarantee that is 100% in the event of a cancellation.

Although customer service isn’t always the best, it is reliable. StubHub does have a customer service team, but they don’t seem to be interested in your concerns when purchasing tickets. There’s a chance that you won’t be in a position to contact a representative immediately when the tickets are authentic. If you’re doubtful about the authenticity of your tickets go through the policy on returns of the company to determine if it is suitable for your requirements.

StubHub makes it simple and quick to add events. But there are some points to keep in mind. StubHub generally takes seven business days for an event to be added. StubHub lets you sell tickets within a certain period of time if you require them to be sold prior to the deadline of seven days. It’s essential to review your account frequently for updates. John Lawrence, the company’s compliance counsel, performed a thorough analysis of the company’s practices to make sure they’re in line with the industry standard.


Two students from Arizona State University founded Ticketmaster to address the issue of buying concert tickets. Before buying tickets, purchasers had to pick a limited number of seats that were allocated to them. This meant that certain seats were not ideal, however, others were more appealing. This led to arguments about who had the best seat.

Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam testified before a Congressional Subcommittee. They accused Ticketmaster, of ripping off consumers. However, their allegations were not given the significance they merited by the media, where to get cheap concert tickets online and the other artists were reluctant to join the crusade. In the end, R.E.M. despite the controversy around the fees they charge for their services, R.E.M. chose to make use of Ticketmaster to manage its Monster tour. Tickets for the concert are $40 there were instances when the charges for over-the phone exceeded $6.50.

Ticketmaster has a robust anticounterfeiting policy, and employs innovative technology to avoid tickets getting into the hands of shady resellers. The Ticketmaster SafeTix include NFC technology, which makes them virtually impossible to fake. This is an enormous leap forward for the public, however there may still be problems. Some resellers are savvy and use computer software to buy huge blocks of seats and then make them available for sale at a higher price.

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is an online service for concert tickets that has earned itself a bad rap for refunding tickets. You can request a refund by email in the rare instance that a concert is cancelled. Vivid Seats customer support agents are available from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday. Refund requests for postponed events are not always straightforward to process. In reality, Vivid Seats has been brought into a class-action lawsuit for not offering refunds when events were cancelled. Customers were also deceived by the company regarding postponed events.

Vivid Seats is a listing service for free concert tickets. Once tickets are sold out, Vivid Seats takes a 10 percent commission. This company also offers ticket price adjustment for those who want to have better seats than what was originally offered. Vivid Seats has partnered with a variety of fan-favorite groups and is an official ticketing partner of ESPN. Vivid Seats also offers ticket insurance to its customers to safeguard them from tickets being stolen or lost.

Vibrant Seats is an online ticket marketplace which helps buyers purchase and sell tickets for various live events. In addition, the company protects its purchases by providing a full buyer guarantee. Vivid Seats also has employees in-house who assist customers to ensure that the buying experience is as easy as it can be. With all these advantages this company is the best choice for concert lovers as well as ticket sellers. The company was established in 2001, and has since grown to become one of the top ticket auction sites in the world. To offer customers great prices, the company makes use of the most popular technologies and APIs.


The market for secondary tickets is estimated to be $2.5 to $5 billion every year in the U.S., and TicketsNow is one of the leading players in this market. The site attracted 1.5 million unique visitors in December as compared to StubHub was able to draw 3.4 million. Both companies have seen a steady growth rate under eBay’s wings. Which is the better choice? Let’s examine these features to decide. What is the best method to purchase concert tickets from TicketsNow?

TicketsNow was founded in Illinois in 1999 and began selling tickets in the state. The company was initially known as the VIP Tour Company. However, TicketsNow was established in 1999. TicketsNow has a small number of significant competitors, but they are worth a look. Stubhub, a Ticketmaster company is the main competitor. There are a number of smaller ticket brokers such as Seatgeek.

TicketsNow is the main secondary marketplace for ticket brokers who are professionals. Its fee structure is more competitive than competitors like Ticketmaster however it requires a fee of 15. This is a good deal but it’s not the greatest. Based on the amount of tickets sold, prices differ. TicketMaster performs more than 2 million brand name searches each month. TicketsNow, however, is much more popular than StubHub.

Ticket Network

TicketNetwork is a marketplace for tickets for concerts, is based in the United US. It was founded in 2002 and has grown to handle over $5 billion in annual sales. It collaborates with media companies and travel agencies to offer discounted tickets. The company is unable to provide live chat support and cannot guarantee that tickets will be available in time for the event. The site is PCI compliant and McAfee secure.

Although this business focuses on events in the United States, there are festivals in a variety of cities across the globe. Payment methods accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover as well as American Express. The website doesn’t collect personal information or sell it to third parties. The site also doesn’t sell or trade data about customers. To ensure that they are not abused Customers should gather documentation to prove their claims. TicketNetwork also provides refunds in the case that an event is cancelled. event.

One of the largest online ticket marketplaces, TicketNetwork is an excellent place to work. Its website provides more than 8 million entertainment event tickets every day. Its headquarters are in South Windsor, Connecticut. It provides competitive wages and benefits, which include medical insurance, paid leave for mothers as well as paid paternity leave. The company also offers opportunities for professional development. Also, employees can take advantage of free lunches, snacks and breaks throughout the day.


TicketIQ is an online market for tickets to concerts. It’s an emerging company from the fast-paced concert industry. The company’s focus is on concerts and sports, but it also has a robust database that includes more than 40 million customers. TicketIQ also sells tickets to concerts. With their IQ Points program, fans can save up to 10% on tickets, which includes IQ Certified ones.

Contrary to traditional ticket marketplaces, TicketIQ is unique because it aggregates tickets from over 50 different ticketing sources and compiles deals from those sellers. Additionally, you can avail discounts on mobile devices and also a rewards program. It also has a blog that updates on the most recent trends and information on the ticket market. Customers can also access seats maps, seat views, and price alerts. Utilizing this service can help users find the best bargains and save money on concert tickets.

TicketIQ offers a large selection of tickets with a cheap cost guarantee, despite competitors. They offer tickets from retailers and venues as well as market analytics, API documentation, and group ticketing. Razorgator is a second company selling concert tickets that provides tickets and VIP experiences at live shows. They sell authentic tickets as well as rapid delivery. This company has a solid reputation for its security policies and promises and is worth checking out.

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