Regarding Nu, hers is dependent on swords. If not into the competition, she looks like an early on woman that have sunken yellow attention and you may enough time silver locks tied up towards an effective braid kept along with her because of the a good unmarried knife. She wears a bright jumpsuit and you will an extended streaming cape having red-coloured tape seals linked to the avoid. She wears a miracle electricity regulator eyepatch for her proper eye and you may she’s barefoot with blue nail polish into the each other hands and you will foot. During the BlazBlue: Phase-shift 4, their told you correct eye try revealed to be with black colored sclera, if in case found, emanates blue vein scratching you to definitely more sluggish dominate her right side.

Whenever and in case competition position, she has on innovative sword-inspired armor that features some eight disembodied knives that float trailing her during the a wing-such creation. She today dons an excellent visor having one eyes and horns towards the bottom.

Mobile nu

During the BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Noel Vermillion once spotted an excellent “younger” style of Nu. She wore a bluish dress and had much longer, gold locks, resembling Noel directly. That it type is even viewed when Nu is actually affected by Amane’s Astral Heat, but she has the woman eyepatch in this occasion.

Ultimately out-of BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Nu wears a from-white skirt, she no longer wears a keen eyepatch however, keeps bandages for her best eyes as an alternative.


Nu was demonstrated to has a torn identity; one that’s a keen emotionless lady that comes after purchases undoubtedly and also the other since a beneficial yandere that is in love with Ragna the fresh Bloodedge.

Are a primary Career, Nu’s thinking was basically closed away, getting little more than an enthusiastic emotionless servers whom kills anyone that blocks the lady programming otherwise the person who she find as hostile. She is actually to start with developed to help you cancel some body she deems intense that emerged close to the Gate. When talking to anyone that is not otherwise doesn’t mention Ragna, she talks particularly a server or in a keen emotionless tone and you can is shopping for the girl requests.

When doing, hearing in the otherwise thinking about Ragna while doing so, the girl identity change to somebody who is absolutely infatuated with your. In her mind, Nu need Ragna so you’re able to by herself, and you can anyone who enters the woman ways need certainly to die, ergo to make the woman a fanatical yandere rather than a keen possessive one to (possessive yanderes usually kill its love attention to avoid losing these to other people). Nu’s fascination with Ragna has offered this lady this new practice of using the most sexual innuendo outside of the entire shed inside the the BlazBlue collection. So it particularly the circumstances whenever up to Ragna, due to the fact she’s always offering your a great “naughty” smile while using innuendo doing him. However, exactly why are Nu dissimilar to old-fashioned yanderes is that if you are she changes so you can an individual who is in love with Ragna, she doesn’t invariably features a great “deredere” front side so you can the girl personality given that she still can say dark and you may visual things to others and may however work emotionless also within the Ragna’s visibility.

That it unrequited love is due to a new translation away from exactly what little of Saya’s recollections out-of Ragna she features as a primary results of are a clone regarding their sister, hence progressed into a romantic affection plus the faith that they had been destined to feel likely together with her from the fate. But not, Nu possess a different interpretation out of appearing affection to Ragna, that requires “killing” both, realizing that none by herself nor Ragna cannot forever stay deceased owed to the Lifetime Hook it express. Simply because Ragna had missing a couple of Nu’s early in the day undeveloped regulators prior to now before the occurrences away from Disaster End up in and therefore were not able to reply not to mention cam. So it offered their the impression one “killing” one another is the greatest and just answer to inform you affection so you’re able to Ragna and it is as a result of this proven fact that despite enjoying Ragna much, she does nevertheless challenge your inside the a very intense fashion after they do competition.

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