She is devastated whenever Derek died, and you may bankrupt off when Owen informed her. She is actually mad that have Meredith since the she wished to be there when he died, to discover to have by herself the brand new injuries the guy suffered. An integral part of the girl had a need to see for sure there is certainly absolutely nothing she might have accomplished for your. She noticed robbed regarding the woman possible opportunity to state a genuine good-bye to help you him and you will would dispute together with her.

Over time, it place you to definitely dispute out. Amelia mentioned Derek on her behalf wedding, as well as the lady soreness you to definitely she’d the sole sibling Derek would never will walk down the aisle. She’d and additionally create jokes from time to time on the losing Derek as an easy way away from managing losing.

Carolyn Shepherd [ ]

Derek is very personal with his mommy Carolyn, and then he try happy when she decided to go to your within medical. She is actually prepared to see your having Meredith and eventually told him one to she envision Meredith are the nice that, giving him the brand new band their dad wanted Derek getting when the guy located the right one.

Carolyn are constantly happy to promote the woman pupils pointers, of course, if she went to Derek within NIH, she advised your he looked tried, which if he had been miserable, the guy must fix the problem instead of be unhappy from the it. It’s unknown how she coped having Derek’s demise.

Nancy Shepherd [ ]

She disapproved of your own relationships and you can unfairly concept of Meredith inside the a poor light. The girl recommendations to help you Derek to get rid of fretting about Meredith and get out exactly what the guy desired, aided subscribe to the break-upwards of the relationships on 2nd big date. It is unfamiliar what their relationship are such as since then, and you can Nancy still would not communicate with Meredith a few years afterwards.

Kathleen Shepherd [ ]

Derek most likely got a great aunt relationship with Kathleen, given that she phoned when she gotten a message from the Derek searching for a sensory implant, exhibiting you to she cares. Even though, Kathleen never ever took the issue then in the event the phone is hung up by the other doc.

Liz Shepherd [ ]

Derek try alongside Liz, and she try new sibling who answered in order to Derek’s name whenever the guy needed nervousness becoming contributed to fix their hands. She is willing to give them so you can your, though Derek are amazed of the Meredith contacting her, and you may was reluctant to help Liz proceed through with the procedure. Liz later on changed their brain and so they went through inside. Liz is actually happy for Derek and Meredith once they shown these were expecting their 2nd son.

College students [ ]

Derek is actually a good father, and had a fast thread together with earliest child, Zola. He had been the person who recommended to help you Meredith that they follow the girl, and you will grabbed high pleasure in her. He had been ready to can take care of the girl safely, and distinguished the lady milestones.

He had been happier whenever Meredith fell pregnant with regards to next son, and you will try excited about with another type of loved one. He was indeed there whenever the boy was created. The guy loved with college students, and soon after ideal to help you Meredith they own various other boy. He unfortunately passed away just before their 3rd child, an excellent ded Ellis, came into this world. Meredith stated one she appeared as if Derek, hence she is stunning.

Lexie Grey [ ]

Derek was seemingly next to his sister in law, Lexie. They had a sibling particular relationships in which he is pleased in order to greet the lady to the their loved ones. He was really protective regarding the woman, and you can is actually disappointed whenever Mark Sloan got an interest in their, effect she was too young and therefore she would getting messed around. The guy after approved of its matchmaking.

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