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Immediately after the guy happens of your closet in “Homosexual Bash”, his girlfriend holidays up with him inside a verbally abusive trend despite staying in an extremely perilous condition which have presumably not one person otherwise to cut her. Xandir attempts to to go committing suicide, however, finds a unique purpose in daily life as he falls from inside the like which have a gay genie in a miracle lamp (good parody out-of Robin Williams’s reputation for the Aladdin); following genie are kidnapped of the Xandir’s nemesis, Lord Slashstab (a great parody from Dungeons and you will Dragons villain Venger), Xandir declares that he is today on a great neverending trip so you’re able to save your self their date. The fresh new genie is visible once again inside “Foxxy compared to. new Board regarding Studies”, where he is among the many traffic in the Xandir’s relationships away from convenience, implying he and you can Xandir are no longer a product; although not, by this area, Xandir has arrived fully in order to terminology together with his sex. Actually, on the extremely second episode, while he was telling Toot on how best to get in shape, Xandir inserts his sword off his throat, like a sword swallower would. Then he notes he don’t features much of a great gag reflex, alluding so you can his getting familiar with doing dental gender. In “Chief Girl”, when Toot uses a black colored light to search for sperm, Xandir’s system is actually radiant. Inside the “Xandir and Tim, Seated during the a forest”, Xandir claims yourself he has had enough homosexual gender just like the coming-out.

Craig is actually one having who Xandir had a highly productive sexual relationships, however, and therefore ultimately finished just like the Craig would not come out of the newest pantry

Xandir has experienced a lot of love hobbies over the movement of inform you, and his spouse together with genie. The two that are said most often try people called Craig and you will Fernando. Craig serves as the basis to Bewertung für eine grüne Dating-Seite wollen possess a flowing gag into the show; have a tendency to, once Xandir made a matter of some kind, the view can cut so you can your on confessional claiming, “Right, Craig?”, or something to this feeling. Craig have not featured into the tell you physically. Fernando is a hispanic boy getting whom Xandir appears to have got strong emotions however, was not able to convince to repay off. Inside the “Foxxy vs. the brand new Board from Knowledge”, the guy ree your own insane indicates.” Xandir have a tendency to reminisces regarding certain moments the guy and you will Fernando have seen along with her, usually which have a good bittersweet heavens. Fernando’s just appearance into the inform you arrives thru a great confessional sector inside “Wooldoor Sockbat’s Giggle-Wiggle Comedy Tickle Low-Conventional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!”.

Girlfriend away, they are among the just housemates who has perhaps not become suggested to be bisexual, being totally and you may happily homosexual as their development from the drawer. (The guy did shortly after possess partial-consensual sex that have housemate Toot Braunstein, otherwise as he place it, “put (her) a compassion fuck”, nonetheless it try obvious the guy didn’t enjoy it). He shares a bedroom that have Master Character, having who he shares a relationship and many pseudo-sexual discussions-and frequently way more. It’s designed you to definitely Xandir and you will Captain Champion keeps close feelings per most other, but Hero’s refusal to recognize their bisexuality, and possible homosexuality, too since the his have a tendency to abusive therapy of Xandir suppress her or him from that have an authentic dating. Xandir implies that he’s a very burdened experience of their father in the “Regards to Endearment”; he in the course of time arrives so you can his parents in the “An extremely Special Pulled Together Afterschool Unique”, even if they indicate that it was already extremely noticeable on them given that after he told them they just say “Uh, duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!” .

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